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    When you’ve been hurt in an accident in Denton, TX, it helps to have Denton personal injury lawyers on your side. Sometimes, an accident is just an accident. But most of the time, someone’s careless behavior is to blame. Let Hartley Law Firm help you prove negligence and win the compensation you deserve. Austin F. Hartley knows how difficult this situation is. Going through an insurance claim or lawsuit won’t fix the situation. But a financial recovery helps you pay the bills and move forward in life. To learn more about your rights and options, call or text us at 214-470-2975. We’ll set up a time for your free initial consultation.

    Were You Hurt in an Accident in Denton?

    At Hartley Law Firm, we accept cases involving: Were you in another type of accident in Denton, Texas? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. This isn’t an exclusive list of the types of cases we work on.

    What to Do After an Accident

    We recommend you take certain steps after an accident:
    • File a report—if you were in a motor vehicle crash, call the police and file a report;
    • See a doctor—a physician should diagnose and document your injuries;
    • Notify your insurer—after an auto accident, notify your car insurance company; and
    • Call a Denton personal injury attorney—schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.
    We ask that you bring whatever evidence you have to your initial consultation, including a copy of the police report, copies of medical records, and any documents another party sent you.

    How We Can Help

    Injured woman talking to her lawyer about her personal injury case in Denton, Texas.
    Before hiring a Denton personal injury lawyer, you want to know whether we’ll really help. What will we do for you?
    • We thoroughly investigate the accident to collect and evaluate the evidence;
    • We determine who was at fault and who is liable for your injuries;
    • We work with you, your doctors, and experts to determine your claim’s value;
    • We send a comprehensive demand to the at-fault party;
    • We aggressively negotiate to get you the best possible settlement; and
    • If a settlement isn’t available, we represent you in court.
    We do a lot during personal injury cases in Denton, Texas, but the bottom line is that we remove the burden from your shoulders. Let us handle the paperwork and insurance claim process while you focus on your recovery. Our goal is to make this process less stressful for you.

    Proving Negligence

    When you demand to receive compensation, you have to prove the other person was at fault. In most cases, it means proving negligence. There are four parts to negligence:
    • The other party owed you a duty of care;
    • They breached their duty of care;
    • Their breach was the direct and proximate cause of the accident; and
    • You suffered an injury.
    What’s a duty of care? It’s an objective standard of behavior. Most people are required to behave like a reasonably prudent person would under the circumstances.

    Common Injuries

    You or a loved one may be dealing with: We’ve handled cases involving all types of serious and catastrophic injuries. We’ll work closely with you, doctors, and medical experts to gain a full understanding of your injuries and how much they’re worth.

    Personal Injury Compensation

    A man with possible injuries who will look for an attorney in Denton.
    Through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, we’ll demand you receive max compensation for:
    • Past and future medical expenses,
    • Lost wages,
    • Property damage,
    • Pain and suffering,
    • Emotional distress,
    • Scarring and disfigurement,
    • Physical limitations,
    • Reduced quality of life, and
    • Loss of consortium.
    Typically, the more severe your injuries, the more compensation you can demand. The at-fault party’s behavior matters, too. If we find their actions were more than careless, we might ask for punitive damages. You can win additional compensation if their behavior was reckless or malicious.

    Hartley Law Firm Is Here to Help

    Choosing the right personal injury law firm in Denton, TX, can be tough. Our lawyer, Austin Hartley offers years of experience. He’s handled all types of complex and contentious legal matters. More importantly, he never backs down when he’s fighting for what’s best for his clients. Our Denton personal injury attorneys have a track record of success. Never hesitate to ask us about how we resolved cases similar to yours. We’ll walk you through your options and strategies we might use. We also handle wrongful death claims, medical negligence, and nursing home neglect cases. Call or contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Hartley Law Firm also provides personal injury services to several other Dallas area locations, including:

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