Arlington Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Arlington Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, but unfortunately, it also poses severe risks to drivers and passengers. Tragically, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that 521 Texans lost their lives in a motorcycle accident in 2021, and 2,319 people experienced “suspected serious injuries.” If you were in a collision involving a motorcycle, you might have a legal claim against the at-fault driver. 

The Arlington motorcycle accident lawyers at Hartley Law Firm are here to advocate for your rights. We provide aggressive and skillful legal representation on behalf of injured plaintiffs throughout Texas. 

What Should I Do If I’m In a Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, you may be unable to stop others from causing motorcycle accidents. But you can take steps to help safeguard your legal claim and physical health if you are in one. 

Hartley Law Firm fights for personal injury victims like you to help them maximize the compensation they receive for their injuries. Austin Hartley combines his big law experience with a client-centered approach to provide clients with effective legal representation that is tailored to their needs. 

Report the Incident to the Authorities

Texas law requires you to report motorcycle accidents to law enforcement if the accident did or might result in injury or death. If you’re in a motorcycle accident and can do so, make sure you meet your legal obligation to report the incident to the authorities. This helps strengthen your legal claim by showing that you did or tried to do everything you could after the accident. 

When communicating with the authorities, it’s best to stick with the facts necessary to convey what happened. Refrain from expressing your opinion or commentary about the accident because you can inadvertently admit fault if you do so. The insurance company and third party will look for any loophole to avoid paying you fair compensation, and they might be able to use what you told the authorities against you. Sticking to the facts helps improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 

Seek Medical Attention

After complying with your reporting requirements, it’s essential for you to seek medical attention. Often, accident victims may not know or appreciate the nature of their injuries until hours or days after the collision. Some internal and nerve injuries can worsen if not addressed right away. 

The best practice is to see a doctor right after the accident, even if you don’t think you need medical attention. Doing so safeguards your physical health and creates records you can use to prove the accident caused or worsened your condition. Make sure to be transparent with the doctor about why you’re seeking medical attention so that they make a notation about the accident in your file. 

File an Insurance Claim

Once you report the accident and undergo the initial medical examination, report the incident to your insurance company. They will take your statement and ask for information about you, your passenger, and others involved in the crash. 

Be mindful that the insurance company’s job is to investigate claims and look for reasons not to pay for damages. They may make it sound like they are on your side, but when it comes time to send out compensation, they will use any gaps or comments in your account of what occurred to save money. Say what is necessary to report the incident, and don’t make comments like “I didn’t see the other driver.”

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident attorney performs valuable services to help you recover compensation and hold at-fault parties responsible for their actions. Hartley Law routinely provides the following services for accident victims:

  • Reviewing and negotiating settlement offers,
  • Analyzing accident reports and evidence,
  • Performing legal research to strengthen your case, 
  • Preparing for trial and arguing the case in front of a judge or jury, and 
  • Communicating with third parties on your behalf. 

We understand the challenges you face and how important it is for you to maximize your chances of winning your motorcycle accident case. We are here to help you do that.

What Compensation Can I Receive for a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Under Texas law, you are most likely to receive two types of compensation in a motorcycle accident claim: economic and noneconomic damages. The amount you receive depends on various factors, such as the strength of your legal claim, the extent of your injuries, and whether an attorney represents you

Economic Damages: Reimbursement for Your Financial Costs

Economic damages compensate you for the expenses you incurred because of the accident and injury. These damages can include lost wages, medical bills, prescription costs, and vehicle repairs. 

Noneconomic Damages: Compensation for the Human Cost of the Injury

Noneconomic damages compensate you, to the extent possible, for the social, emotional, and psychological toll of the accident and injury. This includes compensation for permanent disfigurement and pain and suffering. 

Hartley Law Firm: Arlington Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Who Can Help

Austin Hartley is an award-winning attorney who was named the 2021 “Litigator of the Year” by the American Institute of Trial Lawyers. Austin understands the challenges ahead of you and will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available to you. If you or your loved one were in a motorcycle accident, call or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our motorcycle accident attorney.

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