Frisco Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Frisco Sexual Abuse Lawyers

The trauma of sexual abuse can stay with you for your lifetime. Survivors of sexual assault often spend years bottling up the abuse. There can be unexpected, lasting consequences of sexual abuse. If you are a sexual abuse survivor, you can seek justice in more than one way. Regardless of whether your abuser has been criminally charged and convicted, you may still have recourse in the civil courts. It is possible to hold your abuser and anyone who may have known about it or allowed it to happen liable through a civil lawsuit. 

Surviving sexual abuse is probably one of the most challenging things you have ever done. You deserve recognition for it. At the Hartley Law Firm, we understand how traumatic sexual assault can be, even many years later. While it is true that you need a sharp advocate, you also need a compassionate one. Our Frisco sexual abuse lawyers have dedicated their careers to representing injured and wronged individuals. Contact us today. 

What Qualifies As Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is generally any sexual misconduct that occurs over time. Ongoing behavior can include harassment, grooming, or sexual assault.

Sexual abuse is the unwanted sexual misconduct, activity, or assault by a perpetrator using force, making threats, or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent.

It is generally ongoing behavior. Sexual abuse is often facilitated through power imbalances between two individuals, including:

  • Adults and children;
  • Teachers and students;
  • Doctors and patients;
  • Coaches and student-athletes;
  • Clergy members and parishioners or church volunteers (e.g., altar boys); and 
  • Nursing home residents and caregivers.

Sexual abuse of any kind is unacceptable. Even if your situation does not fall into any of the above categories, it could still qualify as sexual abuse.

What Compensation Can I Recover?

If you were sexually abused or assaulted and live in the Little Elm area, you should speak with the Little Elm sexual abuse lawyers at the Hartley Law Firm. We want to hear your story and assess how we can best help and guide you moving forward. Our attorneys know how to build a civil lawsuit to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Sexual assault can take a mental and physical toll leading to insurmountable expenses. 

Medical Expenses

Unfortunately, sexual assault can lead to many medical bills, including emergency room visits, doctor appointments, physical therapy, etc. The cost of treatment should not be something you need to worry about while healing from the trauma of abuse. 

Lost Wages

It may not seem immediately apparent, but many sexual assault survivors end up missing time from work. For some, this may mean taking unpaid sick or vacation time; for others, this may mean long-term lost wages because they cannot secure or hold onto employment. Even one day of lost wages is too much for any sexual abuse survivor, and you have a right to be compensated for it. 

Pain and Suffering

Sexual assault can lead to apparent physical injuries and to less-obvious mental anguish. Mental pain and suffering are often much more challenging to overcome and heal than physical injuries. Pain and suffering from sexual abuse can last many years. It can lead to anxiety, depression, fear, and an overall lack of enjoyment in life. 

At Hartley Law, our Little Elm sexual abuse attorneys can help you take your life back. Our goal is twofold: to get you the compensation you deserve and to help you regain control over your life. 

Who Is Liable?

Texas law takes sexual assault and abuse very seriously. These crimes are often prosecuted as a felony, and if your abuser is convicted, they may face many years in prison. However, your recourse does not stop there. 

Texas law also allows victims to file civil lawsuits to hold their attackers financially responsible. The law also allows victims to hold third parties liable if they knew about the abuse and could have stopped or prevented it somehow. 

A prime example of third-party liability for sexual abuse is clergy cases. A sexual abuse survivor can hold the priest perpetrator liable as well as the church or dioceses if they knew about the abuse or could have prevented it from happening (e.g., by not allowing the priest to be alone with children). 

Notably, the burden of proof in a civil lawsuit is much lower than that of a criminal trial. The lower burden paves the way for financial recovery even if there are no criminal proceedings or convictions.

Frisco Sexual Abuse Attorneys 

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse of any kind, do not be afraid to come forward. Even if criminal charges are not filed against the perpetrator, you could still hold responsible individuals accountable. We bring our big firm experience, little firm approach, and compassion to each client. Our goal is to recover the compensation you are entitled to and help you seek the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a confidential consultation. Our Frisco sexual abuse lawyers at the Hartley Law Firm are available to speak with you right away.

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