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Complex situations where qualified legal assistance is vitally important can happen in the life of every person. For example, it can be causing serious harm to health. In this case, you obligatory need a Dallas catastrophic injury lawyer because it is about catastrophic injuries. 

When considering cases of this category, courts proceed from the fact that the object of encroachment is human health. It should be understood that this crime closely borders on crimes against life, since serious harm to health means that the offender intentionally causes serious injuries to the person, realizing what consequences this can lead to. 

Catastrophic Injuries include:

  • Loss of hearing;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Loss of organs (traumatic amputation) or if the organ has lost its function (the organ has survived, but its functions are completely violated);
  • Paralysis. 

What Help Can You Get From a Lawyer

When applying at an early stage of the investigation, a Dallas catastrophic injury attorney can perform the following actions:

  • to study the circumstances of a criminal offense;
  • to hold consultations with the client regarding conduct in court;
  • to work with witnesses;
  • conduct negotiations with the accused;
  • to take part in the conducted investigative actions;
  • to monitor compliance with the rights of the defendant;
  • to take other measures to promote successful protection in the case.

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The timely appeal to a lawyer will allow the victim to correctly explain and (or) testify on the fact of committing a crime, establish, collect and consolidate evidence, and conduct appropriate examinations. Delay in the commission of these actions can lead to the destruction of traces (evidence) of the committed crime, or make the process of proof very difficult. If you asked a lawyer at a later stage of the trial, it will be more difficult for him to help – he will not only have to deal with all the details of the case in a short time and build a competent line of defense but also correct the previous mistakes. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Carrollton catastrophic injury lawyers at Hartley Law Firm now.

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