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When it is warm outside, which is most months in Texas, bicycles are a popular way to get around. It is a healthy way to travel and reduces pollution. Unfortunately, bicycles also present additional exposure to injuries, since there is not a car protecting you. Typically, bicycle accidents result in more serious injuries than car accidents do. However, even if you follow all traffic laws and ride in a safe manner, accidents still happen. Drivers typically do not notice bicycle operators resulting in a collision. If you are a victim of an inattentive driver, let the experienced Dallas bicycle accident lawyers of Hartley Law Firm seek recovery on your behalf. Contact us today!

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Main Reasons for a Bicycle Accident

  • The driver turns sharply to the right. A lot of accidents involving bicycles are due to the fact that the car, turning to the right, crushed the cyclist moving alongside, which continued to move in a straight line.
  • The sudden opening of the car door. Very often drivers who rush to somewhere, open the door carelessly, without looking around. If at this point the cyclist drives past the car, he usually does not have time to brake sharply and crashes into the open car door.
  • The driver underestimates the speed and braking distance of a bicycle. This item may also include such a cause as inattentiveness and inexperience of the driver.

Reasons that do not depend on the human factor may include:

How to Protect Your Rights

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Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers if you are the victim of a bicycle accident. Time is of the essence and hiring a Dallas bicycle accident attorney early in the process will allow to you preserve critical evidence for your case. Give us a call today to set up a time to discuss your case in person.

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