Who is Responsible for a Texas Dog Bite: Me or the Dog Owner? 

Dog bites and attacks are terrible experiences, especially when they happen to children. Dog bite injuries that can permanently damage or deform someone in ways that are sometimes easy to see, such as scars on a victim’s arms or face. Beyond the physical damage, dog bites and attacks can also cause people to have a lifelong fear of dogs, or even of going outside of their house. 

If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, it is very important to talk to a Texas dog bite lawyer who knows personal injury law and dog bite laws and who, if necessary, can help you bring a claim against the dog’s owner. You do not need to act on your own. Get the help you need now, while the law still allows you to take action

Is the Dog’s Owner Always Responsible for a Dog Bite in Texas? 

Texas does not have a specific law that says who is responsible for dog bite medical bills and other legal repercussions. Instead, courts have said over time that a dog owner who knows (or even one who should know) that his dog is dangerous is responsible if the dog bites someone. This is true even if the owner is careful about the dog and does everything he can to make sure the dog never hurts someone. 

Even if someone does not know that his dog is dangerous – for example, if the dog has always been friendly to strangers and has never attacked anyone or shown any aggressiveness – he can be held responsible if his dog bites or hurts someone. However, a dog owner in this situation would need to be found negligent for a lawsuit to succeed. 

For example, if a dog owner has a friendly dog but does not keep that dog leashed or tied down on the owner’s private property, the dog could run into traffic and cause a car accident. An injury a dog causes does not even need to be caused by an attack; if a dog runs loose and jumps up on an elderly person to say hello and knocks down that person, causing her hip to break, the dog’s owner could be held responsible and ordered to pay damages to the injured person. 

Am I Responsible if Someone’s Dog Bites Me? 

The examples listed above do not mean that dog owners are always responsible for a dog bite or attack. If a teenage boy is walking home from school and passes a dog behind a fence, and this boy harasses the dog by lunging at it, kicking the fence, or otherwise provoking the animal, the boy might be responsible if the dog attacks. Likewise, someone who is trespassing on someone else’s property could be responsible if the property owner’s dog attacks. 

The details of every case are unique. This is why it is so important to talk to an attorney who knows dog bite laws and can make sure that if you were attacked by a dog and the dog owner was responsible, you get every penny you deserve. 

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