Who Should Be Liable for a Slip and Fall Injury in a Hotel?

hotel slip and fall

Hotels, resorts, and other types of facilities provide accommodations for people who are traveling for work or taking vacations, and they often offer a wide variety of amenities, such as pools, exercise facilities, lounges, restaurants, and bars.

While hotels will often strive to ensure that their facilities are safe to use, there are some cases where guests may encounter hazards that can lead to serious injuries.

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries at hotels, and guests or other visitors who suffer these types of injuries will need to understand who may be held liable for their damages.

Premises Liability Cases Involving Hotels

When a person suffers an injury when visiting property owned by someone else, the principle of premises liability may apply. A business that owns a property such as a hotel is required to take all appropriate and reasonable measures to protect the safety of visitors. If a hotel fails to do so, and guests are injured as a result, the hotel’s owner may be held liable for the guests’ injuries and damages.

Guests staying in a hotel are considered invitees, and hotel owners have a duty of care to protect them from dangerous conditions that could cause them to suffer harm. Any known hazards must be corrected in a timely fashion, or guests should be warned about the risks of injury.

An owner may be liable for injuries that occur because of conditions in a hotel that presented an unreasonable danger, as long as the owner knew or should have known about these conditions and failed to exercise an ordinary level of care to prevent guests from suffering harm.

There are multiple potential causes of slip and fall accidents, and a hotel owner may be liable in cases such as:

  • Injuries that took place in hotel room bathrooms due to water leaks, lack of proper traction in bathtubs or showers, or failure to include safety features such as bars or handles.
  • Injuries around swimming pools or hot tubs that occurred because walking surfaces were not properly maintained and became unreasonably slippery.
  • Injuries in fitness centers that were caused by equipment that was not properly maintained or because of tripping hazards that affected people who were exercising.
  • Injuries in eating areas that occurred because of spills that were not cleaned up promptly by hotel staff.
  • Injuries that occurred because of tripping hazards in lobbies or hallways, such as torn carpets, wrinkled floor mats, missing floor tiles, slippery floors that did not have the proper warning signs or extension cords for equipment used by hotel staff.
  • Injuries in stairwells that were caused by insufficient lighting, missing or broken handrails, or steps without proper traction.

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