How to Prove a Back Injury At Work

How to Prove a Back Injury At Work
Back injuries are often especially painful and debilitating. Many people suffering from a back injury are no longer able to do things they once took for granted. Their ability to work, drive a car, complete household chores, or even pick up their own children may be dramatically impaired by the back injury.

When you are injured at work, you may be able to seek financial compensation for damages like lost income and medical bills. However, to recover compensation, you must prove that the injury was actually caused by something on the job and not just an unrelated medical issue. Many employers are quick to deny culpability for an employee’s injury. 

If you or a loved one sustained a back or spine injury on the job, make sure to work with a skilled work injury attorney. Your lawyer can help you gather and present evidence to prove your back injury at work and fight for the compensation you need.

Employers May Be Liable for Damages

Employers have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe work environment. However, many employers fail to do so. If an employer’s negligence causes an employee to be injured or killed, the employer may be liable for monetary damages. Workers’ compensation is typically seen as the main remedy for work injuries. However, workers’ compensation is not required in Texas, and many employers forgo workers’ compensation insurance. If an employer does not have workers’ compensation, they are unable to assert several common defenses to negligence claims. It is also possible that a third party, such as a contractor or property owner, is ultimately liable for a work-related back injury.

Gathering Evidence to Build a Strong Claim

  • One of the most important pieces of evidence you need to prove a back injury is medical records. Your doctor should provide detailed documentation of your back injury and its cause. The medical record should include the date, time, and type of injury as well as any tests you underwent or treatments you received. 
  • Video footage from security cameras can also be used to prove a back injury. If you were injured as the result of unsafe working conditions or an accident involving equipment, video footage may help bolster your claim.
  • Witness statements are also valuable evidence in a work injury claim. People with first-hand knowledge of what occurred can provide crucial evidence that helps to prove the cause of your back injury.

An experienced attorney will know how to gather and preserve evidence before it is lost or destroyed and use the evidence to build a powerful claim.

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