What is the Average Settlement for Flatbed Truck Accident Lawsuits?

flatbed truck accident lawsuit settlement
Flatbed trucks haul everything from produce to building supplies. While these commercial trucks are a crucial component of our modern lives, flatbed trucks also have the capacity to cause devastating damage in an accident. If you or a loved one were injured in a flatbed truck crash, you may have many questions about your legal rights. Who is at fault for a flatbed truck crash? Can I sue? How much money can I recover for my damages? Read on to learn more about pursuing compensation for flatbed crash lawsuits in Texas.

Flatbed Collisions and Crashes Caused by Fallen Cargo

Severe auto accidents may be caused by truck-on-vehicle collisions due to driver error, impaired driving, or many other reasons. Crashes resulting in severe injuries or death may also be caused by fallen truck cargo. Multiple state and federal regulations require commercial truck cargo to be tightly secured to the truck. Unfortunately, these requirements are not always met. When cargo is not properly loaded and secured onto the trailer of a flatbed, it can fall off of the truck and create a deadly road hazard. Other motorists may strike the fallen cargo or cause an accident while swerving to avoid the cargo. Liability for accidents like these usually falls to the trucking company or truck driver. However, if a defective tiedown or other defective product caused the accident, the company that manufactured, distributed, or sold the product may be at fault.

Individuals who are injured in a truck collision or fallen cargo accident may be entitled to financial compensation for their damages. The amount of compensation that a person can recover varies based on the severity of the accident, the extent of the person’s injuries, and several other factors.

Flatbed Truck Crash Settlements

Many people assume that filing an injury claim or lawsuit is synonymous with going to trial. However, most truck accident injury and death claims are resolved outside of a courtroom through a negotiated settlement. Flatbed truck crash victims may be entitled to financial compensation for their past and future medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Punitive damages may be awarded if a crash was caused by gross negligence or intentional malice. Truck accident settlements can range from tens of thousands of dollars to seven- or even eight-digit figures.

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